The Davenport Promise Election– The proposal to reallocate the local option sales and service tax for Davenport failed with 9,717 voting no to 6,235 voting yes. This vote represented a 22.7 percent turnout of eligible voters in Davenport. The current sales tax allocation is 40 percent for capital improvements and 60 percent for property tax relief. The Davenport Promise proposed to reallocate the 40 percent portion of sales tax receipts for two purposes. The first would allocate up to 30 percent for funding forgivable college loans for residents of Davenport, with any balance less than 30 percent used for capital improvements. The second would allocate 10 percent for public safety. This was a hard fought contest with strong feelings on both sides. Congratulations to both the proponents and opponents of this ballot measure on their efforts. Because the measure failed there will be no change in the allocation of the sales and service tax.

Davenport Second Ward Election– Congratulations to Bill Edmonds for his successful bid for Davenport Second Ward Alderman. The vote was 934 for Edmonds to 852 for Cooper, with 15 write-ins.  All the candidates are to be congratulated for putting forth the time and effort to make our Democracy work. 

Review of Polling Places – Two of my staff members and I took the opportunity of this election to visit all 32 polling sites in Davenport. First, I introduced myself and the new Operations Manager, Roland Caldwell to election workers. Next, we assessed each site for the ease with which voters can access their polling places. Finally we assessed the set up of the voter assistance technology for compliance with the Help America Vote Act. My intention is to visit all of the polling places in Scott County to assess ease of access and the set up of the voter assistance technology.

ISAC Spring School of Instruction – A staff member and I will be attending the Iowa State Association of Counties Annual Meeting and Spring School of Instruction. We will be receiving information on new legislation before the Iowa General Assembly, updates on the federally mandated statewide voter database, and the Iowa Open Meetings and Open Records law. I hope to learn some of the best practices in the State of Iowa and possibly improve how Scott County provides access to records.