Congratulations to the all the candidates for public office in this Fall’s municipal elections.  Ninety-nine candidates put themselves forward for public office.  This includes 20 candidates for mayor and 77 candidates for city council.  Our condolences to those who did not win their races.  Our special congratulations to the 14 mayors and 55 council members for their election to office.  This includes the one mayor and three council members elected by write-in votes.  New Liberty continued its tradition of electing its mayor and council by write-in votes as no one came forward to have their names included on the ballot. 

The most unusual fact of this election was the tie vote for the fifth city council seat in Panorama Park. Two candidates received two votes each, by write-in, for the last position on the council.  At the November 10th official canvas of the election by the county board of supervisors the winner was chosen by lot.  Supervisor Larry Minard pulled the name of Michael Davis out of the bin.  If Mr. Davis does not want the position, he can submit a written resignation and then the other person would automatically assume the office.  If that person resigns as well, then the position is declared vacant and the council can decide on how to fill it.

Full results of the city council elections are available on the Auditor’s page at the county website,

Electronic Pollbooks Expanded to Five Precincts

My office expanded the use of electronic pollbooks to four new precincts during the city council elections.  Besides using the pollbooks in Eldridge, we expanded to three precincts in Davenport and one precinct in Bettendorf.  We borrowed seven additional lap top computers from the County IT Department.  After receiving three hours of training in our office, twenty-one precinct election officials took turns using the pollbooks to help process voters on election day. 

The reviews from these workers was very positive.  The poll workers in Bettendorf precinct 5-2 were especially appreciative of the power of the electronic pollbook.  That’s because this precinct, with 3,883 registered voters on election day, has the greatest number of voters of all precincts in Iowa.  Workers in this precinct immediately saw the benefit of pollbooks in more quickly processing the average voters and especially in processing special case voters, such as those who recently moved into the precinct or voters electing to register and vote on election day. 

After the election our office processed voter history for the 1,800 voters in these precincts in 26 minutes.  Normally this would take about six hours to process.  In major elections, such as next year’s general election, we anticipate significant savings in temp worker and over time costs if we can continue to use the pollbooks and expand usage to more precincts.