The 2010 Primary Election will be held on June 8th. The Auditor’s Page on the Scott County website ( has a complete listing of all candidates for office, from U.S. Senate to county supervisor. The winners of these contests will then become the candidates for their respective political parties in the November General Election. Joining these candidates will be any candidates who are nominated by petition, and candidates for non-partisan offices.

Of note, state law requires for a candidate to win a primary election the candidate must receive the most votes and also receive 35 percent or more of the total vote. For multiple candidate offices, such as county supervisor, the three candidates with the most votes must also receive a prorated 35 percent of the vote. If no candidate receives 35 percent the affected political party reconvenes its convention to make a nomination. The convention does not have to nominate any of the candidates on the Primary Election ballot. In Scott County, the Republican Party has six nominees and the Democratic Party has four nominees for three county supervisor positions. Therefore it is realistically possible that both parties will need to reconvene their conventions to select candidates for county supervisor.

Scott County Is Now SEAT Certified

Earlier this year Scott County became the 98th and last major county in Iowa to become SEAT certified. SEAT stands for State Election Administrator Training, and is the first program of its kind in the nation. It was launched in 2002 after the passage of the Help America Vote Act. The program is sponsored by the Office of the Iowa Secretary of State and the Iowa State Association of County Auditors, with assistance from many individual county auditors and election deputies. Participants receive 50 hours of in-class training on Iowa election laws and procedures, small group work to resolve specific election scenarios and lectures from experts.

The election staff who are now certified are Roxanna Moritz, County Auditor, Richard Bauer, Elections Department Supervisor and Roland Caldwell, Operations Manager. Over the next two years they will need to complete an additional 24 hours of continuing education to maintain their certification.

Auditor Roxanna Moritz, Election Supervisor Richard Bauer (left) and Operations Manager Roland Caldwell display the plaques they received for completion of the SEAT program.

The E-Poll Books Are Coming

As reported in earlier postings, the Auditor’s Office conducted an experiment with electronic poll books in five precincts during last year’s municipal elections. Based on the results of that experiment and the projected cost savings due to less need for overtime and temporary workers, the Scott County Board of Supervisors authorized an expansion of e-poll books throughout the county over the next two years. During the upcoming Primary Election we will maintain the current five precincts. However, with the November General Election we will expand the program to about 20 precincts.

Plat Room Sees Progress on GIS

Progress has been made on completing the mapping and programing needed to finalize the County GIS project. GIS stands for geographic information system, which is basically a way to use  mapping and computer data bases for analysis. Parts of the system are already accessible for land surveyors. We anticipate that the aerial mapping of all property will be completed this summer. Yet to be determined is where to host the system for web access and the kinds of analysis tools which will be available on the web site. Once those decisions have been implemented we will go through a multiple week testing period. We hope to have the system on-line for public use sometime in the fall of 2010. Once on-line GIS will allow web access to view aerial photography any property in Scott County, access ownership data and tax records and many other possible features.