While most of our efforts focus on preparing for the June 8th Primary Election the Auditor’s Office also has other on-going activities, including sponsoring various voter education and registration events.  These events take the staff out of the office and involve us directly with the community.


One of these events occurred on May 6th with the Salute to Seniors Expo at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.  Our office sponsored a table to allow attendees to register to vote and request absentee ballots.  A big hit was the AutoMark ballot marker.  Many people stopped to see us demonstrate the various features which help people with visual and other disabilities.  We had people vote on a Famous Names ballot and keep the ballot as a souvenir.  One lady wrote in the names of her two favorite NASCAR drivers and was very happy to say she voted for them.

Auditor Moritz demonstrates the AutoMark to a visitor at the Salute to Seniors Expo on May 6th.


Our office also conducts voter registration activities at Scott County High Schools for juniors and seniors.  During May we registered students at the Kimberly Center, Central High School and West High School in Davenport. 
On May 25th our registration activities at West High School included a presentation to several government classes demonstrating the evolution of voting rights over time.  Students were assigned roles as members of various groups in society and allowed to vote as their group gained this right.  

Auditor Moritz shows a West High School student how to mark her ballot.

The role play included requiring some students to take literacy tests or pay poll taxes before being allowed to vote.  We also registered several students to vote.

Staff member Kurt Ossmann gives a student a "literacy test" before allowing her to vote.

Thank you to West High School government teacher Jack Achs for organizing the event and to West High School for sponsoring us that day.