The U.S. and Iowa constitutions require redistricting every ten years following the U.S. Census.  The State of Iowa completed its process in mid April this year, and Scott County has begun its share of the redistricting process.  Due to redistricting significant changes are coming for some Scott County voters. Overall, the Auditor’s Office expects that Scott County might gain four precincts, and possibly more.

To kick off this process on April 29, 2011 the Auditor’s Office hosted a meeting of those jurisdictions needing to redistrict. We covered the criteria for redistricting, including contiguousness, compactness and population variance. We also reviewed the need to account for voter convenience and electoral efficiency.

For the first time ever, the LeClaire City Council will need to divide the city into two precincts due to population growth pushing the city above the 3,500 person maximum precinct size. Leclaire will join three other Scott County municipalities Bettendorf, Davenport and Eldridge in needing to draw new precinct lines. Significant changes to ward and precinct lines is expected for all three cities due to population growth, population shift and the statewide redistricting plan passed by the legislature which substantially changed the area of local legislative districts. Davenport, Eldridge and LeClaire have completed preliminary plans.

In unincorporated Scott County, Buffalo Township and Butler Township precincts will need to be divided into new precincts due to population growth. Our preliminary plan will divide Butler Township into two precincts, a Park View precinct and a McCausland precinct. In Buffalo Township the preliminary plan is to have voters in the western part of the township vote with the voters of the city of Blue Grass precinct, while the rest of the township voters will remain in Buffalo Township precinct.

We also plan to add precincts for the cities of Donahue and Long Grove as legislative redistricting separated those cities from their surrounding townships.  Also, voters in the precincts of Allen’s Grove Township and Sheridan Township will have new voting locations due to the new legislative lines.  The Board of Supervisors will need to make final approval of any redistricting plan for Scott County.