Scott County Auditor elections staff member, Brenda Moore and Jeff Renkes, earned their State Elections Administrator Training (SEAT) certification on July 14, 2011.  SEAT is a statewide program sponsored by the Iowa State Association of County Auditors and the Office of Iowa Secretary of State to educate election administrators in election law, administrative procedures and best practices.   The course spans six days of classes and includes topics from voter registration law to absentee voting procedures and many others.

Jeff Renkes and Brenda Moore pose with their SEAT Certificates in the Auditor's Office.

Although Brenda and Jeff are veterans of several elections, they learned a lot about how other counties conduct elections.  “I was surprised by the variety of procedures the different counties follow, but everyone gets the same results,” Brenda said.  “Some counties place their absentee ballot box on the front counter to let voters insert their ballots directly into the box.  In Scott County we have the ballot box behind the counter to prevent someone from stealing the ballots,” she said.

Jeff found that there was a wide variety of security measures throughout Iowa.  “Some counties have every ballot under multiple cameras.  We use cameras, but not to the same extent,” Jeff said.  “Also, Scott County does some extra things to ensure election security.  For example, we protect our ballot boxes with extra security seals,” he said.