The Auditor’s Office closed out 2011 School Elections earlier this week in record time despite a heavier than usual turnout of voters.  Processing these elections took less than two days due to the extensive use of electronic poll books.  Thirty precincts, more than one half of the school voting sites, used electronic poll books with only nine sites experiencing minor set up problems.  As precinct election officials gain more experience with the poll books these difficulties will disappear.

The North Scott School Board race generated the most interest of the four school major school races in Scott County, with a 21.1 percent turnout of registered voters.  Eight candidates vied for four positions on the school board.  Congratulations to Dennis Albertson, Joni Dittmer, John Maxwell and Paul Dierickx for their wins, and condolences to Dennis Kirby, Krista Long, Tim Lane and Barbara Kuhl.  Also there were ballot measures for a revenue purpose statement for use of sales tax revenues and to provide free rental of textbooks to all students.  Each of the ballot measures were defeated.

In the Davenport School Board race there were five candidates vying for four positions.  Congratulations to Bill Sherwood, Ken Krumwiede, Nikki DeFauw, and Ralph Johanson for their wins and condolences to Tyla Cole. 

In the Bettendorf School Board election there were four candidates for four positions and a ballot measure to approve a revenue purpose statement for use of sales tax revenues.  Congratulations to Barry Anderson, Ray Cassidy, Paul Castro and Jeannine Crocket.  The ballot measure passed.

In the Pleasant Valley School Board election four candidates ran for four positions elected by director districts, plus a ballot measure for a revenue purpsoe statement.  Congratulations to Deborah Dayman, Scott Isbell, Joseph Bullock and Amy Richmond.  The sales tax revenue purpose statement on the ballot also passed.

Congratulations to the Eastern Iowa Community College District candidates Joseph D’Souza, Robert Gallagher, Mary Lou Engler and Michelle Garvin for their wins.

Finally, our thanks to all the candidates for putting themselves forward and conducting campaigns for office. Our system of self-government does not work unless people are willing to make it work.