There are three types of city elections in Scott County, primary, winner take all (Chapter 45) and run-off.  Buffalo, Davenport and McCausland are primary election cities, meaning that if there are more than two candidates for a seat then a primary election is held to reduce the number of candidates to two.  In run-off elections if no candidate receives a majority of the votes then a run-off election is held between the two candidates who received the most votes.  Only Walcott is a run-off city.  Finally, winner take all elections, found in Iowa Code Chapter 45, are as the name implies, the candidate with the most votes wins, even if it is less than a majority of the votes.  All other cities in Scott County are winner take all.  More information can be found at:

City elections will be held on November 8th, with only one primary election (Davenport’s 5th Ward) to be held on October 11th.  Below is a list of all the candidates for city offices.  An “i” behind a candidate’s name indicates incumbant.  Voters may vote for the number of seats indicates within the parentheses ().

City of Bettendorf

Mayor: Bob Gallagher, Patricia Malinee, Dave Thede

Alderman – At – Large (2 seats): Lisa M. Brown (i), Judy Gackle, Chad A. Miller

1st Ward Alderman: Edward Dean Mayne (i), Thomas Nelson

3rd Ward Alderman: Debe LaMar (i)

5th Ward Alderman: Gary K. Koos, James Stewart (i), Scott Webster

Park Board Commissioner (3 seats): Frank Baden (i), Steve Gustafson, Don Wells (i)

City of Blue Grass

Mayor: Brinson Kinzer (i)

City Council (3 seats): Sandra A. Frericks (i), Brad Schutte, Bonnie Strong (i)

City of Buffalo

Mayor: Doug Anderson (i)

City Council (2 seats) : Judy Hammons (i), Danny Raney, Dave Stickrod,

City of Davenport

Mayor: Bill Gluba (i)

Alderman – At – Large (2 seats): Jason Gordon (i), Gene Meeker (i)

1st Ward Alderman: Nathan Brown (i)

2nd Ward Alderman: Bill Edmond (i)

3rd Ward Alderman: Bill Boom (i)

4th Ward Alderman: Raymond A. Ambrose (i)

5th Ward Alderman (Two candidates with the most votes from the October 11th Primary Election): Rodney Abbott, Sheilia Burrage, Jane Duax, Jordan Schneider, Kevin Spriet

6th Ward Alderman: Jeff Justin (i)

7th Ward Alderman: Barney Barnhill (i)

8th Ward Alderman: Mike Matson (i)

City of Dixon

City Council (2 seats): Amy L. Flynn (i), Write-In

City of Donahue

Mayor: Ken Schoenthaler (i)

City Council (2 seats): Adam Ganzer, Scott D. Wiley (i)

City of Eldridge

City Council (3 seats): Adrian Blackwell, Bernie Peeters (i), Steve Puls (i)
City of LeClaire

Mayor: Robert J. Scannell (i)

City Council (2 seats): Terri Applegate, Matthew W. Auliff, Mary Farmer (i), Judy Hartig

City of Long Grove

Mayor: Ida Weibel (i)
City Council (3 seats): Donald Abington Jr. (i), Nancy Carol Dalton, Cynthia C. Davis (i)

City of Maysville

Mayor: Write-In

City Council (5 seats): Kelly Johnson, Marilyn Ralfs (i), Marvin Reimers (i), Tawnya K. Stiles, Write-In

City of McCausland

Mayor: Damien Koehn (i)

City Council (3 seats): Lloyd R. Claussen (i), Robert A. McCaughey (i), Mike Ross (i),

City Council (To Fill a Vacancy – To end of term): Write-In

City of New Liberty

Mayor: Write-In

City Council (2 seats): Write-In, Write-In

City of Panorama Park

Mayor: David White

City Council (5 seats): Charlie Butler (i), Susan Hamilton-Trudell (i), Julie A. Naab (i), Andy White (i), Write-In

City of Princeton

Mayor: Brent Herman
City Council (3 seats): Brian D. Carter (i), Ann Geiger (i), Kevin M. Kernan (i)

City of Riverdale

Mayor: John J. Franklin

City Council (3 seats): Jim Beran, Cheryl J. Channon (i), Dean Arthur Halsey, Donna Hunt, Judith Krell, Douglas H. Littrel, Athena Smith

City of Walcott

City Council (3 seats): Tim Koehler (i), Lisa Mengler, Jacob Puck (i)

Contact information supplied by the candidates to the Auditor’s Office can be found at:

November 8th election –

October 11th election –