Check your mail box (U. S. Mail that is) for your new voter registration card.  All 114,373 active voters in Scott County as of February 23, 2012 will receive new voter cards this week.  This mailing will all but complete the redistricting process which began with the 2010 U. S. Census.  Iowa legislative districts were approve last March, and city and county precincts were approved last fall. 

Once the final precincts were approved the Auditor’s Office reassigned voters into their new precincts.  This process took several weeks to complete and could not be started until updating voter history from the 2011 city elections was completed.  The reassignment process was completed in early January.  Identification and verification of polling places, including 24 new polling places was completed in mid February.  The Office of Secretary of State created a file of all active voters at the end of the business day on Thursday, February 23rd.  We provided that file to our printing company which began the process of printing the 114,373 individual voter cards and preparing the mailing.  That mailing was delivered to the U. S. Postal Service today.

There were several changes to the voter reassignment process this time as compared to the 2002 process.   First, the Secretary of State has determined that everyone will have their party affiliation (if any) identified on their card.  Previously that decision was made by individual county auditors, and Scott County had opted to not include that information.

Second, the Auditor’s Office used the county geographic information system (GIS) to help in the reassignment process and ensure better accuracy.  Previously several hundred voters had not been assigned into the correct precinct.  Auditor Moritz required a GIS review of the voter file which revealed the problem.  Now our office conducts a GIS review before every election to ensure the correct assignment of individual voters.

Finally, our office is mailing out voter registration cards at a non-profit rate pursuant to The National Voter Registration Act of 1993.  The cost of the mailing was just a little under $15,000.  If we had mailed at first class rates it would have cost just over $40,000.