August 2013

Auditor Roxanna Moritz and Official Records Clerk Cathy Voelkers recently attended a 15 hour “hands on” class in legal descriptions.  This class was for the beginning to the moderately experienced user and covered many aspects of legal descriptions.  Participants used protractors and other instruments as part of the “hands on” experience.  Cathy has been cross training to assist in the Plat Room with property transfers and this class was very helpful to her. 

The class began with a brief look at surveying methods, both past and present, followed by an overview of the Public Land Survey System and how it ties into working with legal descriptions. The class covered many of the different types of legal descriptions, from dividing a section of land all the way through working with curves and angular measurements. The class also went into resolving conflicts from ambiguous descriptions to how water can affect a boundary in a legal description.  At the end of the class both Roxanna and Cathy passed the exam approved by the Iowa Department of Revenue.

This week the Scott County Board of Supervisors will recognize 72 precinct election chairs for their contributions to making democracy work and for their years of service to Scott County.  The Board resolution states, “The Board recognizes that precinct election chair people are the unsung heroes of our county’s election process, and expresses its gratitude and recognition for the part these Scott County citizens play in assuring that all voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots on Election Day.”

As a group, our precinct election chairs have 940 years of experience in working the polls on election day.  Six chairs have 20 or more years of service as poll workers, and eight have 30 or more years of service.  Four chairs bear special recognition for more than 40 years of service; Linda Holder with 44 years, Audrey Linville with 46 years, Fae Harvey with 48 years, and Myra Halsey with an amazing 51 years of service.

On Monday, August 19th Auditor Moritz and Board Chair Larry Minard will present certificates for years of service to each of the 72 precinct chairs.  Those with twenty or more years of service will also receive a leatherette holder, while those with thirty or more years of service will receive a wall mount plaque.