The Auditor’s Office has received many inquiries about how a voter can cast a “mixed” or “split” ticket when marking the ballot.  Iowa Code Sections 49.94 through 49.97 address how a voter can mark a ballot for partisan offices.  Section 49.97 (shown below) specifically addresses this question.

49.97 How to mark a mixed ticket.

If all candidates for whom a voter desires to vote were not nominated by the same political party or nonparty political organization, the voter may indicate the candidates of the voter’s choice by marking the ballot in any one of the following ways:

1. The voter may mark a straight party or organization vote for the party or nonparty political organization which nominated some of the candidates for whom the voter desires to vote and vote for candidates of other parties or nonparty political organizations by marking the voting targets next to their names.

2. The voter may vote for each candidate separately without marking any straight party or organization vote.

In other words a voter may cast a straight party vote by filling in the oval for the party of choice and also cast a vote for a candidate who is not a member of the party of choice by filling in the oval next to that candidate’s name.  Alternatively, the voter may vote for each candidate individually.