Six Scott County polling places have changed since the 2012 General Election.  Four of these locations changed after the 2014 Primary Election and two others changed in 2013.  New voter registration cards were mailed to all registered voters in these precincts listing their new polling places.  For those precincts which have changed since the 2014 Primary Election additional post cards will be mailed before Election Day to the same registered voters to remind them of their new polling locations.  Listed below are the affected precincts with a link to specific information about each polling place on the Auditor’s Web Page, including a Google Map for each location.

Changed After the 2014 Primary Election

Allens Grove:

New polling place – Donahue Fire Station – 302 N. Main St. Donahue

Davenport Precinct 8-1:

New polling place – Adventure Christian Church – 6509 Northwest Blvd. Davenport

Davenport Precinct 8-2:

New polling place – Northside Baptist Church 4601 Division St. Davenport

Eldridge Precinct 2:

New polling place – Eldridge United Methodist Church – 2604 S. 2nd St. Eldridge

Polling Places Changed in 2013

Davenport Precinct 2-1:

New polling place – High Point Bible Chapel – 2600 W. 63rd St. Davenport

Davenport Precinct 6-2:

New polling place – Christ’s Family Church – 4601 Utica Ridge Rd. Davenport